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To Water On Mars Is Out Now

Since the release of Hit The B Button’s debut EP ‘Apartments’ described as “a creative explosion” by local music blogs in 2014 , the band have been consistently gathering steam and honing their unique sound ripping apart the conventional genres and  frankensteing them back together into something strange and interesting.

In late 2014 the addition of Adam Weston (frontman of Leeds-based band ‘Weaponess’) behind the drum kit enabled them to tour in support of their first home recorded EP.  In between shows they began revisiting song ideas, perfecting them into some of their best material to-date. These songs would eventually become ‘To Water On Mars’.

Using all of the cash they had scrapped together from the Apartments tour.  The band approached Niall Doran of Start Together Studios, Belfast in the Fall of 2015 to record some new music made entirely possible by the support of their fans.

On September 27th 2015, Hit The B Button entered the studio to record four tracks over two days.  The band recorded all the instrumentation by getting in the live room together and playing as a full band to help recreate their unique sound, overdubbing vocal tracks and some finishing touches at a later date.

On the same day that recording started NASA were set to make a big announcement at a press conference – “NASA has discovered new concrete evidence that at one-time water did indeed exist on Mars”.

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“A masterclass in crossing the conventional music genres.” – Laura Caldwell, Pastie Bap

“They are clearly onto something.” – Rigsy, BBC Introducing

Hit The B Button! seem to experiment with what alternative rock is expected to be” – Christopher McBride, The Metaphorical Boat

“Leaves the lingering effect of a smile plastered across your face.” – Ciaran Steward, We Close Tonight

“A lot of effort has gone into the creation of this EP, and it’s evident all over.” – Ally Daly, Golden Plec

“Hit The B Button’s Debut can only be described as a creative explosion.” – Una Mackle, Gigging NI

“It totally blew away all of the other over-produced, over-stylized, so-called Pop/Punk that has been sent my way of late.” – Al Gilmore, Chordblossom