Music Video It’s Starting To Get Dark Andy

Ahead of releasing our new EP To Water On Mars tomorrow we thought we’d drop a little music video Stuart managed to throw together in his spare time between gigs and work.  It’s for the last song on our EP called “It’s Starting To Get Dark Andy”.

The title of this song continues the long running inside joke of naming songs after past drummers.  Anyone who knows Hit The B Button will be aware that our biggest struggle in the beginning was trying to tye down a drummer, but it’s all ok now because we have Adam who destroys on drums and we keep him sweet by feeding him loads of junk food and compliments.  Something you may not be aware of however is that he’s actually shackled to his drum kit and we keep him locked away in an undisclosed location between gigs.  So there ya go no more drummer problems all we had to do was resort to kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.

The video itself was made from footage shot during a gig we played in support of our buddies Civil Simian another awesome band doing the rounds on the local scene.  You can look back on that night in this blog post.  It was a great night of awesome music and we gave away a bunch of free CDs  with a unique pop culture doodle on each one everything from Zelda to Simpsons was covered!

We hope you enjoy the new video please remember to like and share it about as much as possible and don’t forget you will be able to catch us live doing our thing next Saturday 30 April 2016 at Mullins Bar Downpatrick.



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