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B Button Culture Baby!

Hey peeps it’s been a while since we’ve had a post up on the blog but get ready for an influx of updates heading your way as we’ve been adding the finishing touches to some brand new music and are getting ready to head out and play some live gigs for you all.  First up we are getting fancy at this years Culture Night festivities in Oh Yeah Music Centre Belfast this Friday 22nd September where we will be pulling out all the stops to bring you a barrage of tasty noise and the usual B Button nonsense filled with crazy interludes and visuals.

If you’ve never been to Culture Night before you should definitely make your way down as there will be something for everyone in this yearly event that sees the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast completely over run with street performers, family activities, dancing, parades, poetry, artists, wrestling, orchestras, live music and so much more.  For a full run down check out the programme on the Culture Night website or take a look at the video below for a glimpse of last years packed out event.

Presented by The Thin Air the free entry gig in Oh Yeah Centre sees us play a killer lineup alongside NI Music Prize nominees Invaderband, the outstanding Michael Mormecha who we are excited to see performing with his full band and rounding off the night are the incredibly loud bass and drums 2 piece Bosco Ramos.  The Oh Yeah Centre will be opening their doors from 4pm with a live performance from the Ulster Youth Orchestra and music from The Thin Air DJs until the gig kicks off around 8pm.  Make sure to be down early as we are first up and would love to see all of you friendly B Button crazies right up at the front to start the night off with a bang!

With only 2 days left until Belfast is turned into a jam packed celebration of the crazy amount of talent that’s bursting out of the seems of the city, we’ve been blasting our Culture Night 2017 playlist to get us pumped up for the show.  Have a listen below and help us out with a little Spotify follow if you can!

Now turn your music up loud and raise your beers to Culture and such!

The B Button xx

Hit Play – October 2016 [Halloween Edition]




Remember the simpler days when you would sit in your room making mixtapes of the coolest songs and bands for your friends to hear?  Well this is kinda like that!


Now we are able to share our mixtapes with all you guys, not just our buddies down the street.

What follows is a collection of creepily cool jams perfect for your Halloween party this weekend or just a collection of songs if your generally just a creepy person.  This Spotify playlist features the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Kid Cudi, David Bowie, The Amazing Snakeheads, Bahaus and Tears For Fears providing a wide variety in genre and avoiding those cliche Halloween songs that we have heard a million times….Have a listen and make sure there is no Monster Mash at your Halloween party this year.  You can find the playlist at the bottom of the page!

Have a good one!





Clash of The New Breeds

Hey guys

The B Button have found ourselves in the final 20 shortlisted bands to play Clash of The New Breeds, a Battle of The Bands gig taking place in The Oh Yeah Centre on Saturday 5th November.  To get through to the gig we need a quick vote from you to keep us in the top 8, its really easy to vote simply follow the link below select Hit The B Button and submit.  If you really want to get behind us and help see us through to the final you can vote once a day until the closing date this Friday 21st.

Click Here To Vote!


We admit it’s not a great setup, these multi day vote competitions are something we hate hassling people about but please know we hugely appreciate any time you take to throw a vote our way.  The support from you guys has always been absolutely amazing and it’s why we keep pushing to play more shows and write more music for everyone who likes what we do and with that in mind here’s some usual B Button foolery for all those who are as childish as us…

Also Stuarty done a cover of Movies by Alien Ant Farm for everyone as well to say thanks for voting.  Remember to come back once a day to get those votes in before the Friday deadline!

The B Button

B Button To The Rescue!

We received a call to B Button HQ the other day requesting urgent assistance.  The commissioner of Rock, the main man over at SONI Phil McCarroll was in trouble and needed our help…. he needed a band but not just any band, he needed a band who could bring happiness to the masses with their musical wizardry and wow crowds of adoring fans with showmanship the likes of which had never been seen before… alas it was not to be as Paper Dogs were unfortunately not available that night so instead he asked us, yep that’s right Hit The B Button will be dancing our way into this Saturdays lineup at Pavilion Belfast with the grace and absurdity of 60’s Batman…

We will have the pleasure of playing alongside Daydream Nation, Dahlia and Orby Chase expect the usual B Button nonsense in the form of crazy interludes, questionable dance moves, plenty of booze and possibly some live music.  Once again that’s this Saturday 15th October last minute show at the Pavilion Belfast jump over to the Facebook Event Page and pop yourself down for going, we know it’s kind of last minute but we hope to see as many of The B Button crew down as possible and if you can spare an extra mouse click please share this around and lets try and get this show filled up!

Quick to the B mobile!


World Tour Update

Hey everyone just thought we’d bring you a quick update from the road as we have been playing our last couple of shows in some exotic locations.  First off was our show up in the attic of Victoria Bar in Armagh where we played to a small but amazingly enthusiastic group of fellow music lovers who made the night absolutely amazing by headbanging, moshing and dancing along to every single band on the lineup which was quite the feat considering the polar opposite nature of the bands involved.

The night had everything from Dylan covers by the lovely Sarah and The Sandcastles with an awesome brass section to a full on mosh of the Heaviest Metal from Thunderwolf and as always our bros Thieves of Ennui brought the catchy Alt Rock vibes.  Check out the first two videos below for some craic from our night in Armagh, thanks to everyone who came down and we hope to come back and play for you guys soon!  Finally thanks to S.M Audio for inviting us down to play.



Next up we traveled down to Dublin again via Armagh because Adam accidentally left his snare behind after playing Victoria Bar (but realistically he just wanted an excuse to visit Armagh again because he loved it so much).  After our 3 and a half hour trip down we finally arrived at Whelans bar where we had so much fun playing to a packed house of easily 100 hardcore music fans.  The night was so well organised that they managed to get a staggering 9 bands on stage without a hitch!  Every single band was so tight and awesome in their respective genres it was an absolute credit to the strength and enthusiasm of the Dublin music scene.  We absolutely can’t wait to get back down to hopefully play a longer set for everyone and give you guys the full Hit The B Button experience.

We normally like to link back to every band on the bill but that is a lot of research and Facebook hunting for this particular gig so we will give a mention to our highlights for the night along with a link to the event page for the rest of the bands, as I mentioned above not one band put on a bad performance so there is definitely something for everyone in that list of bands and we recommend checking them all out to see what you think.

When it came down to it Tobi Kaye really struck a chord with all of us in Hit The B Button as we tend to gravitate towards the strange and different.  With a weird blend of Rock meets R & B TK were a truly original prospect and we hope things go well for them in the future.  With any luck we will run into them again soon and get to play a longer set together next time!  Finally hats off to the winners on the night Kevyn who completely smashed their set and rained down a barrage of glitter indie-rock from the heavens to an unsuspecting crowd who almost blew up the clap-o-meter at the end of the night!

Unfortunately we don’t have a road crew (voluteers willing to be paid in junk food welcome) so weren’t able to capture any video footage of our own set but you can check out the videos below to see Phil throwing some shapes to LCD Soundsystem and some of what we got up to in the build up to our performance.



Next up for us is a show at Pavilion Belfast on 26th August we’ve played with all but one of these bands before and we can safely say this is a killer lineup guaranteed to be a great night so jump over to the events page and stick yourself down for going because you will not be disappointed!



Hit The Evolve Button!

Hey guys just a quick post gig message to share some of the pics and vids from our past couple of shows for anyone who wasn’t able to make it down.  For those of you that did, you will know first hand that our live show has evolved somewhat from the early days of Hit The B Button and so far you guys have seemed to enjoy the new additions to our set so we are going to continue to throw some surprises your way at future shows.

First up we had our show at the Pavilion Belfast for SONI where we played alongside Mugged by a Ghost, Orby Chase and The Left Backs all great bands full of laid back awesome dudes.  All that we have at the minute from that night is some footage from The Left Backs set which was awesome check it out below.  As usual if anybody has any pics or videos from any shows that they want to share you can fire them onto us at and we will get them up on the site as they come in.

Next up we had our gig at The Goat’s Toe Bangor with Dahlia and Dandelion Tea on the bill.  Again another awesome night full of top local talent and a great turnout for The B Button crew so thank you for that.  Below you can check out the vid taken by Sara of the last two songs from our set “It’s Starting To Get Dark Andy” and “Raw Meat”.

Also we had a celebrity guest in the crowd in the form of Neil and Paul from Slick District which is the exciting new project still in it’s infancy comprising of members from Hit The B Button and Thieves of Ennui so make sure to get in on the ground floor with that one and give their FB page a follow because it’s gonna be big when they start unleashing some tunes!


Finally we would just like to take a minute to thank everyone who keeps coming down to our gigs and getting right up to the front during our sets to have some craic and a bit of a dance.  Please don’t under estimate how important it is to us and how grateful we are that you guys keep coming down to every show and bringing all your buddies with you.  You are helping us grow as a band and we are working hard to make every live show bigger, better and more fun for all you guys so here’s to the next one which as it stands should be down in Dublin at Whelans bar on the 9th of August but we should be back in Belfast at the end of August playing a gig for Bright Green Octopus who always put on stellar lineups of awesome local bands.

Big Love


Gig Updates

Hey everyone just a quick post to say we have a couple of shows added to the calendar over on our gig listings page so we hope to see you and your crew down at one of our upcoming shows soon rocking out to our new jams!

First up is next Friday 8th July at our home away from home the Pavilion Belfast where we are playing a show for SONI with an awesome lineup which all but guarantees a great night full of rad tunes.  On the night we will be playing alongside Mugged By A Ghost, Orby Chase and The Left Backs.

On August 9th we will be playing The King Kong Club down in Dublin at Whelan’s Bar and in September we have another show planned at an as yet undisclosed location.  More details on that will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.  We are continuing to work hard to fill up our tour calendar for this year so if we haven’t came to your town yet and you want to see us live then hit us up and we will try our best to work something out.

In the meantime get some of our new EP “To Water On Mars” into your ears and get practising belting your little hearts out so you can all serenade us at our next rockshow.  You can listen for free on Spotify below and for extra XP we would be forever grateful if you followed us on Spotify too.  If you already have a Spotify account all you have to do is hit the follow button and if you don’t yet have an account it only takes about 5 minutes to set one up for free.

Big Love

Mike and The B Button Dudes

When I Close My Eyes – Stuart William Ledgerwood

Our front man Stuart is always working on a shitload of different song ideas usually at the same time and just before we left for Toronto he released a new track from his solo work outside of Hit The B Button.

When I Close My Eyes is a song from an interesting side project which see’s Stuart take inspiration from the Hip Hop and R & B genres.  The idea behind it all is that Stuart will collaborate with and or sample various Northern Ireland artists in remixed versions of their songs, re-working them into something almost unrecognisable.

Check out the video above or have a listen to the track below, and please take a couple of seconds to share it along if you think it’s cool.  The song itself features a sample from the track Angel by Peter O’Callaghan you can grab the original track over on Peter’s Bandcamp page and see him perform it live on his YouTube page.

Updates on Stuart’s solo material and side projects can be found over on his Facebook page and all his previously released tracks are available on his Bandcamp page on a “pay what you want” basis so give him a follow to stay on top of everything as he has a habit of dropping new tracks without warning.


Hit The B Button in Toronto

Hey everyone we are back!  “But we didn’t even know you were gone” I hear you scream.  Well for those of you who didn’t know Stuart and I were away for a two week trip back to our childhood home of Toronto, Canada catching up with family and in general having an absolute ball of a time.

This is why you may have noticed the site has been quiet for the past couple of weeks.  So to get back in the swing of things I thought I’d share some pics and a little run down of what we got up to while we were away.

We ended up busy for pretty much the full 14 days straight having done everything from an escape room game at Trapped in Markham to sampling some potions, elixirs and cocktails at The Lockhart on Dundas St West.  On day 3 we went down to Niagara Falls for an overnight stay where we jumped on the Maid of the Mist, played some dinosaur mini golf, experienced the delight of the pizza burgers at Boston Pizza and finished the night off in the Casino.

Day 5 we took a walk around Kensington Market and hit up Sonic Boom (you know the record shop where they filmed Scott Pilgrim vs The World).  Then on Day 6 we done our regular Toronto pilgrimage to our old apartment, school and nearby shopping mall where we used to hang out.

On day 7 we got to see the awesome Twin Peaks play at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern supported by White Reaper and Jimmy Whispers.  Did I mention everywhere we went we were sticker bombing all around us with our brand new HTBB slaps coming to a street near you soon.  We even managed to pick up some new B Button supporters from across the water!

While we were away we seen Captain America Civil War at a VIP screening where they took our order before the movie then delivered cocktails and all sorts of food directly to our seats, needless to say normal cinema trips have now been ruined for us!  By the way how awesome was Civil War? (comments welcome below)  Spidey was handled so well and we absolutely can’t wait to see the solo film Homecoming.

The next night we grabbed some beers and hot dogs at a Blue Jays game (that’s baseball for anyone not up on Canadian sports teams).  Then on day 10 we took a long walk around Toronto zoo on one of the hottest days of the trip so far.  On the Saturday night we headed to Southern Accent for some Cajun Creole food that is to die for and cocktails that would knock you out including our favourites Gatorbait, Whiskey Sours and Hurricanes yummy drunkenness!

Towards the end of our holiday we went to Ripley’s aquarium which has a cool tank full of sharks that goes right over your head, the same day we took a walk along the harbour front downtown.  We want to thank all our family in Toronto who made it an amazing holiday we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Now that we are back and recharged we are absolutely foaming at the mouth to get out and play some live shows for everyone, so keep an eye on the site as we are working hard on getting that sorted.  Also we’ve got some big plans in the pipeline for music videos and a massive EP launch show along with some other top secret plans taking shape at  B Button HQ.  As always the site should also start getting back to normal now with regular posts on what we’re getting up to, our monthly playlists and maybe even some more crazy posts from Phil in his erratic semi regular (when he can be arsed) blog PHILosophy .

Finally we threw together a little montage of some video we took while we were away and posted it up on our YouTube page, this is an unofficial video which feature the song “She’s Always Blooming” from our new EP To Water On Mars.  Check it out below and please take 2 seconds to hit that sub button.

Good to be back making some noise!


Hit The B Button House Party

We were all a bit disappointed after the last minute cancellation of our show in Downpatrick last night, but Hit The B Button love to  make the best of a bad situation!  So we decided to bring all of our fans who were planning to attend to a house party where we drank, played acoustically and celebrated the launch of our new EP ‘To Water On Mars’ released last Monday. Thanks to everybody who came, it was a hilarious and amazing night!

The highlight of the night had to be the smooth and soulful voice of Mr Curtis Crowe doing some Flight Of The Conchords covers.  You can catch the full version of “Most Beautiful Girl” at the end of the little montage video below which includes all of the clips we managed to catch in between all the messing around.

Also below are all the pics that we managed to come across from the night and we will add more to the gallery if anything else surfaces.  Next up for The B Button 50% of us are heading off to Toronto in just over a weeks time so it might be a bit quiet on the site for a while but expect a blog post and a bunch of pics when we get back, also check in on twitter and instagram to see what we’re getting up to.  Once we get back we will be working our asses off to get playing some shows for everyone over the summer months!