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New singles, EP’s and albums released by the band

To Water On Mars Out Now!

It’s finally here and considering it includes some of our earliest song ideas it has been years in the making!  To Water On Mars is the new EP by us, Hit The B Button, a band synonymous with the phrase “who are they again?”.

Yes the accolades were flying in after our debut EP Apartments was released.  So at the end of a successful summer tour and after some work at B Button HQ we decided it was time to hit the studio and give you guys some new songs.  As always this was made possible by everyone who turned up to shows, bought the last EP and donated to our crowd funding campaign so thank you all very much for helping to make a record packed with our best material to date.  We are very proud of what we managed to accomplish on this record and hope you will all enjoy listening to it below!

As always we would love to continue making the best music we can for everyone and we are always looking to surpass our previous efforts.  So with that in mind we hope that you would consider purchasing a copy of the new EP if you enjoy listening to it on streaming sites.  Every single penny goes straight back into making new music for everyone.  Hit The B Button has always been a passion project the record sales do not pay our wages, we have proper jobs for that.  Instead we inject every bit of band income straight back into making the next record bigger and better for the people who are listening.

Below are the links to buy or stream the EP these will be updated throughout the day once it is live on all platforms.

Finally to all The B Button street crew don’t forget to help us shout from the rooftops about the new EP.  Get sharing, liking, tweeting or pestering all your mates and help us get this out to as many people as possible!

To Water On Mars
Mike, Stuart, Adam and Phil

Stuart’s back catalogue officially released

Some of you may already know that our beloved bassist and front-man has quite an extensive back catalogue of awesome tunes that up until now he has kept to himself, but in 2016 you can expect to hear a lot more music from Stuarty as he is finally giving his solo material a bit of a well deserved push.

2012 marked the start of Hit the B Button but it was the last time Stuart put out any material of his own.   Now with a fully kitted out home studio at the ready and years of refined material to choose from, he will deliver an LP in 2016 that promises to be something new and exciting.  In the run up to the release of his new album Stuart has made a selection of his private back catalogue available to stream and purchase for the first time from all the regular spots.  Check out what’s up for offer below along with a few sample tracks…

Seven Monkeys

A compilation of seven tracks showcasing some of his earliest music.  The name comes from his old alias for his solo project and this is what he has to say about the compilation –

“I used to use Seven Monkeys as my solo name because I think I wanted it to seem more like a band rather than a solo artist.  I got the name from my Brother who had told me about his friend’s band who had this amazing song called Seven Monkeys, which I still to this day have never heard.  I used to try and think of what that song would sound like and ended up putting it so high on a pedestal that if you gave me the chance to listen to it now, I don’t think I could do it…it’d destroy the illusion of a perfect song! The funny thing is that I found out later that the song was actually called ’12 Monkeys’ after the Bruce Willis film.  I don’t know if I misheard it or if my Brother got it wrong, but I thought it was pretty funny that I had this idea of some perfect song out there and I didn’t even have the title right!”

The April Fool

Previously released on 1st April 2012, Stuart’s 20th Birthday, this album is one I rave about constantly to anyone who will listen.  Due to a lack of promotion at the time this gem was only heard by a small minority.  The songs from the April Fool were written around the time he was moving out of our Parents’ house at the age of nineteen.  In fact, the album cover actually shows his old bedroom with all of his prized possessions ready to be boxed up.  In his own words –

“The April Fool was made before I moved out of my Mum and Dad’s place, I spent what little money I had left on microphones, a small mixer and an electronic drum kit.  I was pretty much learning how to use all this new stuff during the recording process, which probably wasn’t the best idea but it didn’t turn out half bad!  I have a lot more knowledge when it comes to producing and engineering now than I did back then, but it doesn’t really bother me listening back because that perfectly reflects that point in my life when I was a little inexperienced.”

There is so much variation on this album that once you hear it you will understand one of the many strengths Stuart brings to Hit the B Button.  The April Fool is a coming of age tale that deals with the anxiety of having to become an adult.  The opening track shows Stuart who once seen a world full of possibilities and adventure coming to terms with his new found adulthood.  The record is filled with happy-go-lucky riffs that try to cover up the dark subtext that dwells within the lyrics such as Stuart’s fear of becoming alcohol dependent on fan favourite ‘Beach’ or the panic of not knowing what to do with your life on ‘Sunset Blvd.’  All of these fears and worries are held together by three brilliantly strange interludes which nicely tie the whole album together in one big anxious package.

Downsystem Live Sessions EP

Finally an interview with Stuart was filmed by DownSystem Productions at the end of December which contained three unheard songs performed acoustically.  The live session recordings have now been released as a companion EP to accompany the interview itself.  Although the songs have never been released before, Stuart says they are not what he would call new material and were written at a time when he considered doing solo acoustic live shows about a year ago, in the downtime when Hit the B Button was struggling to find a drummer.  Catch the interview along with all the tracks on the video below…

These releases are now all available to purchase on ITunes, Amazon Music, Google Play or direct from Stuart’s Bandcamp page you can also have a listen for free by streaming from Spotify and Deezer.  Stuart’s new album will be out later this year along with the debut record from his side project ‘The Cosmic Crows’ which is a soul/funk outfit with long-time friend Curtis Crowe on lead vocals.  To keep up to date with the latest developments on Stuartys solo stuff check out his Facebook page.


Stuart Ledgerwood – ‘How To Dig A Hole’ [Official Video]


Since the release of our EP ‘Apartments’ this Summer, we have been quite busy planning our live performances, but we didn’t want you all to forget about us either.  ‘How To Dig A Hole’ is a new solo effort by frontman Stuart Ledgerwood which takes a step back from the ripping punk rock that has been commonly associated with Hit The B Button! and provides more of an easy listening experience.

The video was directed by Darren Crooks in the very same home studio that the ‘Apartments’ EP was recorded in.  The digital download for the track will be available on itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Soundcloud and Bandcamp this weekend.

‘How To Dig A Hole’ is a very open and honest track, majorly about the advice my father gave me growing up which I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate to.

So, this one’s for Vinny.  Happy Birthday Dad.

– Stuart

Apartments EP Out Now!

Our debut EP ‘Apartments’ is finally available for download!

Download ‘Apartments’ Here!


google_play spotify2Amazon-Mp3-smallAvailable_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_0824

We are currently selling it for the discounted price of £3 on our bandcamp page.  ‘Apartments’ Will also be available on itunes and Amazon (at a slight markup [Because the man wants to bring you down]) from next week.

Simply select the ‘Buy Now’ option and enter the price of £3 (or more if your feeling generous).  We would like our fanbase to know that every penny that you scamps donate will be invested towards an official studio recording of ‘Oh Olga!’.  So if you think you like the live CoolFM session, imagine how unbelievable it will sound when we put out the official single!

APARTMENTS REVIEW: Continue reading Apartments EP Out Now!

New Single – Sorry About this Steven

Our final single ‘Sorry About This Steven‘ from our debut EP ‘Apartments’ is now available for download!

‘Sorry About This Steven’ combines the grunge/punk style of Box Car Racer with the melodic riffs of Biffy Clyro.  ‘Steven’ is the epic ending to the ‘Apartments’ EP and fittingly begins with a chance recording we captured back in 2012, when we first decided to become a band.

Our new biker style character was based on our artwork competition winner ‘Andrew Fernandes’ who will be receiving a T-shirt of his choice along with a copy of the EP on behalf of the band.  We have named our final HTBB! character ‘Big Ronnie’ after a family friend who generously donated money to the band through our bandcamp site.

This one’s for you Ronnie!

‘Apartments’ is available for digital download from 26th July 2014

What you can expect from Sorry About This Steven:

  • The recording of when we first decided to become Hit The B Button! [At the beginning of the track]
  • References to Octoroks and Deku Shields
  • A mix of Boxcar Racer & Biffy Clyro
  • Houses not being homes
  • Heart wrenching string sections
  • A wall of sound style bridge
  • A Banjo ridden outro

The Ganges Out Now!

So here it is the next single from our EP called ‘The Ganges’.  As before; you can listen to the track for free at any time from our site or if you fancy downloading a copy to stick on your mp3 player then follow the music link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

This song is fronted by our third HTBB! character The Sheik, who’s lifetime of GREED and obsession with material wealth finally caught up with him when he was cursed.  Eventually losing his fortunes and transforming him into a quiet nomad.

What you can expect from this song:

  • Wooden wind chimes with Asian vibes
  • Chorus Tamberines
  • A face melting solo from Phil
  • Mentions of Lord Gordy
  • The funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk

Blue Potion Out Now

Here it is our new single Blue Potion for your listening pleasure.  As before there are multiple options for listening, you can check our new EP page here or go direct to our bandcamp and soundcloud pages to download a digital copy for your media devices.  Also say hello to Mr Blue our second HTBB! character he has a few self


issues and probably likes fire more than any human should but deep down he means well!  If you want to know what to expect from the track well be prepared for…


  • Slap Bass
  • Reverse Vocals containing hidden messages
  • Funk
  • Home Cooked Blues
  • Angelic Harmonies
  • Cowbell
  • More Cowbell
  • Heisenberg

We have two more songs to release from the EP and will be working hard to get these out in the new year.  In the next couple of days we will also be launching a competition for your chance to get some band merch more info on that coming soon.  We hope you guys like the new song, as always feel free to leave any comments on any of the social media pages or directly on the website.


New Track Inbound


Ok people get ready because this Thursday December 19th Christmas comes early! Well maybe not quite as good as Christmas but we are releasing our second track for your listening pleasure.  Throughout the week there will be a couple of changes to the site along with a couple of teasers as to the tracks name, sound and also our new HTBB! character which will be fully revealed along with the song on Thursday.  Also keep an eye out on the site because after the tracks release we will be running a small competition for the chance to get your hands on some free band merch.  Check back soon and we hope you guys like the new song!


‘Martial’ Out Now!

Martial is now available as a free download!

You can download your copy (with artwork) from our bandcamp page or listen to it here on our site.  Martial is a free download, but if your feeling generous and would like to donate any money to the band fund, the option is there for you to pay what you like. The choice is yours, just type 0 into the “Name your Price” box to get the track for free.

Martial is the first track from our forthcoming EP.  Each track will be released individually with unique artwork in the next few months.  Once all four tracks have been released, a full EP version will be available for free download with bonus artwork to go along with it.  There will be lots of news and posts to tide you over until the next track is ready for your ears, but in the meantime turn Martial up to 11 and get some sweet hand claps going!!

If you have time leave a comment / feedback on the site or one of the social media pages.  Have an awesome weekend!