Like-minded Misfits

The local scene is busting at the seems with awesome / talented bands, writers, artists, photographers and more doing amazing things.  Here’s our little list of favourites we’ve came across in our time in existence as Hit the B Button.  These people are usually doing what they do for little to no money whatsoever because they are passionate about what they do, why not take a couple of seconds to support the local scene click a name check em out and maybe find something you will love.

Noise Makers –

Stuart William LedgerwoodWeaponessThieves of Ennui
Civil SimianGabriel MakamanziPandora Ills
The Rupture DogsMalibu Shark AttackA Plastic Rose

Blah Blah Bloggers –

Gigging NIChordblossomPastie Bap
Encore NIThe Thin AirYear Spaceship

The Biz –

Sick RecordsComic Book GuysOh Yeah Centre
Start Together StudiosLoko Skate Supply

The Scene –

Fast FudeMusican ViewThird Bar Advice