Do you ever day dream that you have the power of invincibility?  What about time travel, super strength, laser eyes, the power of flight or maybe even the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away with mind bullets?  Well if you hit the power-up button you probably will not get those powers but…

there’s always a chance right?

What you definitely will get is loads of cool Hit the B Button! power-ups and extras for our most dedicated listeners.  We are a small independent band and we completely rely on you guys to keep us going.  So for the people who really get us and understand what we are all about we want to show our appreciation to you through exclusive songs, artwork and merch and by giving you guys early access to new tracks and insight into our music.  So if your into supporting the little guys, the misfits and the underdogs then join in and when life gets you down Hit the B Button!

Mario w.props